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Discover the Alberta Curling Series

Our Vision

We want to bring together curlers all across Alberta through our series of events. We strive to promote long-term development of curlers, teams, clubs, and curling in Alberta by committing to the community, celebration, and competition of our sport!



Curling is one of the most social sports out there. Bringing together people of different backgrounds and experiences is what keeps our sport going strong. All together, we are the Curling Community!


There are so many things for us to celebrate. Since the first rocks were thrown, so much history has been made, and we continue to make it. Curling is full of achievements; let's keep them coming!


Like all things in life, competition can help keep us going, pushing harder, all the while helping us to enjoy and appreciate what we have. Let's go curl our heart out; just don't forget to shake hands!

Our Mission

We are creating a series of events with a standard format for all Alberta curlers to participate in. Curlers and teams will be aware of how every event operates, and will have a full season of events to choose from. Clubs are given a monetary incentive to host events which ultimately creates an awareness of curling in their community. Through our broadcasts of games, both clubs and teams will be able to provide more exposure and value for their generous sponsors. 

Our Values


  • We want to be as transparent as possible with our stakeholders (curlers, teams, clubs, spectators, and partners) regarding where revenue from entry fees and sponsorships is allocated. 



  • Every event follows a standard structure which includes the percentage allocation of entry fee and sponsorship revenue, draw format, and other items such as best communication practices.



  • This is the first time in Alberta where multiple curling events across the province are operated by the same people following the same format and structure. We are excited to be taking bold steps into what will be for the better of our sport.


The Team

Clickon each person's picture to read about them!

Click on each person's picture to read about them!


Matt Yeo |



Brayden Shopland |

General Manager


Ted Appelman |

Players' Committee

Contact Us

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Mailing Address:

The Alberta Curling Series
PO Box 3012 Stn Main
Beaumont AB T4X 1K8

About the Alberta Curling Series

The Alberta Curling Series is a group of events bringing together curlers all across Alberta. In our quest to promote long-term development of curlers, teams, clubs, and curling in Alberta, we are committed to the community, celebration, and competition of our sport! 



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