Launch of the Alberta Curling Series | Let's Get Curling

Launch of the Alberta Curling Series | Let's Get Curling

We are the Alberta Curling Series; a group of events bringing together curlers all across Alberta. Developed by curlers, Matt Yeo, Brayden Shopland, and Ted Appelman, their vision is to promote long-term development of curlers, teams, clubs, and curling in Alberta, by committing to the community, celebration, and competition of our sport! 


It has been realised that a full schedule of curling events spanning from at least September to March is needed to try and increase participation in our great sport. With the additional events, curlers have more opportunities to play in competitive events which will not only help improve their skills, but will also look to be an encouragement for up-and-coming curlers to keep practicing hard and getting better. The Alberta Curling Series is adding an additional 8 Men's, 11 Women's, and 4 Mixed Doubles events, all of which are considered new, to the 2021/22 schedule.


The Alberta Curling Series is built upon the values of Transparency, Consistency, and Boldness. As you look through our website, you will find information on how all of our events work. Every event is operated following the same format and structure. Entry fees and sponsorship revenue, as well as purse payouts are split by the same percentages for every single event. These percentages are on our website for you to check out. As well, all draw schedules are expected to be Triple Knockout.

Because we operate the events in their entirety, the club can focus on creating an awareness of curling in their community. The monetary incentive we provide to the club helps to cover costs related to staffing and postponing leagues, and to simply help them out. "Curling clubs are the lifeline of curling; without them, we wouldn't be able to curl so it's important that we support them with our events," said Brayden Shopland, General Manager of the Alberta Curling Series.

This model is the first in Alberta, province-wide: multiple events operated by the same people under the same format. While each event will have its own distinctions, you can slide into the event knowing how everything works. 


Everyone and anyone is able to participate in our events, that includes all club-level and Tier 2 curlers. Additionally, out-of-province and even out-of-country teams can play. Everyone is a part of the curling community, and they are all welcome.

At the end of the season, we will be having a Series Championship to wrap things up. We can't wait to party with all of you! In the meantime, registration for all of our events opens on Monday July 12th at 10am mountain time.


We encourage you to browse our website as there is much more great, and important information for you to see. As well, please be sure to subscribe to our mailing list so you can receive Series News and Updates (including winners of events, teams playing in the Championship, etc.), Merchandise Info, Event Info, and Registration Info.


We are so excited to welcome everyone to our events. After a hectic season of many unknowns and challenges, it's time that we get back to Curling!