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How Our Events Work

Basic Event Details:

  • A minimum entry fee of $800 per team for all Men's and Women's events.
  • A minimum entry fee of $370 per team for all Mixed Doubles events.


  • A minimum purse of $8,200 on a 16 team Men's or Women's event.
  • A minimum purse of $3,000 on a 16 team Mixed Doubles event.


  • Events consisting of 16 teams will use the Triple Knockout draw schedule format. 
  • Events consisting of 20 or 25 teams will use the Pool Play with a Single Knockout elimination draw schedule format. 
  • The schedule is expected to be released 1 week prior to the event start date.


  • 6 teams will qualify for playoffs with an event consisting of 16 teams.
  • 8 teams will qualify for playoffs with an event consisting of 20 or 25 teams.


Points Structure:

Our points structure will be based off of Curling Alberta's Excel Points Race. Excel Points are assigned by Curling Alberta for every Alberta Curling Series event. Those points will be inputted into a spreadsheet on our website, which is then used to determine who plays in our Series Championship! For example, if Curling Alberta awards 20 Excel Points to the winning team of one of our events, then we will update our spreadsheet and add 20 points to that team.

Note: Teams will have to register for the Curling Alberta Excel Points Race; information on this will be coming soon. 

Revenue Share of Entry Fees

Host Club


Alberta Curling Series


Event Purse


Host Club7%
Alberta Curling Series22.75%
Event Purse70.25%

Why does the Alberta Curling Series receive 22.75%?

The Alberta Curling Series receives 22.75% of entry fees to cover the cost of organizing and running these events. We handle all aspects of the events including advertising and marketing, communication with curlers, handling and monitoring registrations and payments, creating draw schedules, and managing the livestream to provide coverage of events (which creates value for team and club sponsors). Costs also include hotel stays, travel expenses (like gas), on-site event staffing, and per diem for staff. 

Revenue Share of Sponsorship / Advertising

Host Club


Alberta Curling Series


Event Purse


Host Club20%
Alberta Curling Series20%
Event Purse60%

Why does the Alberta Curling Series receive 20%?

The Alberta Curling Series receives 20% of sponsorship / advertising to cover the cost of procurement and content creation of sponsorships. This includes working on developing and maintaining partnerships with businesses, and designing marketing material for phyiscal print and livestream coverage of the company. 

Event Purse Payout

of the Entry Fees and Sponsorship/Advertising Revenue Share

Qualifying 6 (16 Teams)

Winner (1st)32%
Finalist (2nd)22%

Qualifying 8 (20 or 25 Teams)

Winner (1st)30%
Finalist (2nd)15%

Example Breakdowns

What does a 16-team event look like with an $815 entry fee?
  • $15 of the entry fee goes towards covering the total sanctiong fee we pay which enables teams the opportunity to earn Curling Alberta Excel Points as well as to be able to participate in Curling Alberta's Alberta Curling Tour Championship. 
  • GST and credit card processing fees works out to be about 9%. Of the $800, $730 remains.  
  • To determine the available revenue of the event on 16 teams... $730 x 16 teams = $11,680. 
    • The club receives 7% = $817.60
    • We receive 22.75% = 2,657.20
    • The purse receives 70.25% = $8,205.20 ($8,205.20 will be paid out)
  • Of the $8,205.20 for the purse, the payout is the following with 6 teams qualifying:
    • Winner (1st) @ 32% = $2,625.66
    • Finalist (2nd) @ 22% = $1,805.14
    • Semifinalist @ 13% = $1,066.68 (x2)
    • Quarterfinalist @ 10% = $820.52 (x2)

Note: These values are WITHOUT sponsorship / advertising. With every sponsor we get, the purse will increase. 

What does a 25-team event look like with an $1,215 entry fee?

Series Championship Format:

Information on our Series Championship is coming soon.


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About the Alberta Curling Series

The Alberta Curling Series is a group of events bringing together curlers all across Alberta. In our quest to promote long-term development of curlers, teams, clubs, and curling in Alberta, we are committed to the community, celebration, and competition of our sport! 



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